A baker’s dozen creative ideas make your catalog more responsive.

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It’s said that “enough drops of water can become a river”. That’s true in your catalog effort too. Every little step you do to make your catalog more successful will add up. With perseverance and great product, and utilizing the following ideas, you can get a river of sales flowing into your coffers.

  1. Add copy to your covers:Testing proves time and again that a catalog cover with copy outperforms one without — much to many creatives’ chagrin. But this makes sense. The most newsworthy things get our attention most quickly. Notice the newsstands near grocery checkout and you can see, they’ve figured out how to get someone to take a look! Even with a photo of a popular celebrity, it’s still not enough “juice” to get away with plain cover that doesn’t tell the customer why they need to open up and look.

    For this Crazy Shirts catalog…

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