NEWS: Jerry Bernhart Executive Recruiter to Moderate Popular Tweetchat Jobs Forum

Multichannel marketing recruiter Jerry Bernhart has announced that he will be hosting a second Tweetchat on DM Jobs soon after the New Year

The online session allows participants, through the popular social media network Twitter, to exchange job leads, ask questions, share ideas and get advice on all things related to digital and direct marketing hiring and employment.

“We’ve decided to host another session in response to a large number of requests we’ve received since our fist session last August, ” said Jerry Bernhart, Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, in a statement. “There are still many unemployed direct marketers out there who could use all the help they can get.”

For those unfamiliar with Tweetchat, Bernhart describes it as “texting on steroids,” allowing an unlimited number of participants in a confidential forum to exchange informational tweets with one another almost instantaneously on a common topic. Bernhart said this session, like the first, will be open to any and all areas related to hiring and employment in digital and direct marketing, including job leads, resume preparation, interviewing tips, salaries, job offers, finding candidates, counteroffers, job descriptions and sources of hire. It also allows Tweetchatters to share links just like they would with one another on Twitter.

“This is also an excellent opportunity for employers to advertise open positions, ” said Bernhart. “There will be a ready audience of motivated and experienced job hopefuls, and if they’re not the right candidates they might know someone who is.”

The Bernhart Tweetchat will take place Sunday, January 10, at 8 pm Eastern time. All that is needed to participate is a Twitter account. To join the session, go, sign in with your Twitter username and password, enter DMCareers in the “enter hashtag to follow” box, then click on “Go” which will take you to the DMCareers chat room.

Visit the Bernhart Executive Recruiters website at

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