New word of the year – “Unfriend”

For those of you naysayers who believe that social media is a fad, a toy, or something that cannot drive business robustness, engagement and ROI, I have one word for you…


As of yesterday unfriend is the word of the year for 2009.  What’s my take?  Social media is changing our lives, the way we communicate (social media took over the top spot from email communications by the way), and the way we shop (customers now find us via social channels).

So what are your thoughts?  Discuss…

5 thoughts on “New word of the year – “Unfriend”

  1. Susan Fantle says:

    Not long ago I saw a blog reporting on a Sysomos study “An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World.” It showed that Twitter usage is going up but that 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity. So I was going to disagree with your point. Then I started thinking about it. I’ve seen LinkedIn users asking questions like “which email automation program do you like best?” This type of question for consumer products has shown up on Facebook, too. I’m not sure if social media will ever beat the depth of information provided by Search Engines for finding solutions, but it may be a strong partner in that effort.

  2. Judy H says:

    I think the jury is still out on this. There is still a large portion of the overall population that is not using social media at all. It’s something to watch and, possibly, to test (depending on the product and target market). But, I wouldn’t go too overboard with it.

  3. Andy Chiodo says:

    The biggest issue about social media is … commercial viability for mainstream business. For people, entertainment/TV people or “experts,” it’s very effective. For the more traditional business, it works for consumer products (soft drinks, sports teams, etc.)

    Frankly, I tell my clients that Social Media is PR. It changes what people think about a specific person or can add to the fun of consuming one personal product or another. But, for the average business, it’s not a direct provider of income.

    To work for non-consumer products or services, it would have to become a miniaturized/hipper version of a website. Which it may very well end up being – a mutation and combination of website and email marketing.


    • Jim Gilbert says:

      Andy I use it for B2B clients and it works well. You have to be informational. The more info you provide the more you get back.


  4. Sabrina Sumsion says:

    I think social media is just the newest part of PR. What do you think people were saying when the new fangeled printing press was created? I’m sure they thought it was a fad. How about radio or the picture box (television)? It still can be hard to measure the ROI for an ad during a Superbowl game. Can the companies really justify the millions with hard numbers of sales made from those ads? People will resist new things simply because it takes time and effort to learn or because it is hard to measure the results. There are results from social media you just can’t expect them overnight. Social media is about trust and most people don’t throw that around blindly.

    For now, social media is vitally important to use it when targeting X, Y and youth generations. That is the reality of our new generation of technologies.

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