Less bars in less places AT&T/iPhone video proves out how viral video works in a social media, customer-centric world

I am always banging home the point that social media and web 2.0, especially video that goes viral can drive the success or failure of a product or service.  Here is a perfect little example of a video that is currently making the social media rounds that takes aim at the AT&T Apple Partnership with the iPhone; directly lobbying to get away from the exclusive arrangement.

My 2 cents: I love my iPhone, and I hate AT&T.  I got my iPhone 2 months ago.  Compared to Verizon, I get about 2-3 dropped calls a day, whereas I got 2-3 dropped calls every 6 months with Verizon.  With AT&T, I get “no service” all the time, while I barely had that problem with Verizon.  Here is a video that needs to continue to go viral until Apple gets the point and drops their exclusivity with AT&T.  Thanks again to Jeff Yaniga from My Compass Direct for the video. (note: video contains profanity)

5 thoughts on “Less bars in less places AT&T/iPhone video proves out how viral video works in a social media, customer-centric world

  1. Ed Kowalski says:

    The title should read Less bars more places. We had to drop AT&T because we could not get coverage in downtown Chicago or alot of other places we work. Their advertising is very misleading. We have gotten much better service with Verizion and US Cellular.

  2. Eric Peterson says:

    I’m all for the cause, having been a long-time Verizon customer with few disappointments. Very sharp video, too. There’s some magic there caused by the friction between that energetic, “can-do” music and the typewritten slams. Funny stuff.

  3. Tracey Y. Smith says:

    Mr. Gilbert is so right, this is an incredibly powerful and clever message. The creator used AT&T’s branding – fonts, music, on-air design – with scathing copy to slam the company. There is paid advertising which consumers try to avoid and there is YouTube which consumers seek out. While the video does not mention Verizon or its superior service, Mr. Gilbert does and so do those commenting on his blog. I hope both AT&T and Verizon are keeping an eye on social media platforms and how their companies and the opinions being expressed by both. This is incredible learning.

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