25 thoughts on “We have a winner – best out of office auto reply I’ve seen in a while…

  1. Susan says:

    Wow…wish I was at the beach with no services! :o) That is too funny. Poor Jim Gilbert…hope his email wasn’t urgent. If I wasn’t so busy giving away free CD’s for direct sales consultants, maybe I could have that out of office reply…but not this time of year, unless it was somewhere without lots of people and lots of cold beverages.

    • Jim Gilbert says:

      Took the advice of the email recipient. Went to the beach and unplugged today. Unfortunately the phone came with us though, however it was left in the beach bag.


  2. Jim says:

    Just came back from the beach, but being a one man shop I don’t have the luxury of ignoring my customers, although most of them left me alone.

    I did send them all an email postcard.

  3. Christine Marturano says:

    I do some version of this every Friday and it makes my life wonderful. I have time for me, time for my life, time to regroup and to reflect. Time for critical analysis, time for some good old Oreo’s and Milk and I can paint my toes, too, if I want…

    Take the advice and go for it on a regular basis…

  4. Mandy Vavrinak says:

    I’m on vacation this week… with the iPhone and the laptop. My husband and myself are the main force of our marketing business (we use a couple of great freelancers for certain things) so we are never really “offline.” We’ve talked about taking a 3 or 4 day trip without kids or technology, but have yet to get it done. Maybe time to reconsider. I’d LOVE to have that auto-reply 🙂

    • scott says:

      I would love to use this as well. But being in sales I just don’t see how I could use it. I went to Bethany Beach last week and had my laptop and blackberry with me. It is great sitting on the beach and selling a large order of promotional products as you eat DB Fries and enjoy the surf and sand.

  5. Jim Beuoy says:

    It is cute and sounds blissful. As a service bureau, however, we’re often the life blood of our client’s business. We HAVE to be available for them 24/7. It’s extremely rare that a client interrupts family time, and they rest better knowing that we are always available for them.

  6. Mary Ann Markowitz says:

    Love this and it reminds me of an old WSJ article. The new status symbol will be vacation without your cell and lap top.
    As a solo entrepreneur using Randy Dean’s Taming the Email Beast has given me so much more time.
    Check it out and learn how to manage email instead of it managing us.
    Mary Ann Markowitz

  7. lucsdad says:

    Have ‘turned off’ every vacation for 10 years now — know what? The world kept turning while I was gone and my co-workers did the same for me that I did for them: helped! That’s peace of mind.

  8. DeBorah Beatty says:

    Gotta admit, back in the dark ages when all there were were answering machines (pre-email, OMG!) I recorded one that said: “Hi, sorry I can’t take your call. I’m out in the back yard trying to dig up next month’s rent. Just leave your name, your credit card number and expiration date and I’ll call you back when I get back from shopping!”

    This person was brilliant! Love the unknown@unknown bit, too!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I recommend at least one 10 day trip to Aruba per year. No phone, text, e-mail, voice mail, or other contact with the outside world.

    Everyone claims I come back relaxed and happy.

  10. Zane Robbins says:

    Perfect out of office reply – short and to the point. Also captures my ideal lifestyle desire; to be at the beach and unconnected to the rest of the world . . . at least for a little while! Actually, I’d like to own an island that has a beautiful beach without wireless connectivity, so I continue to work toward that goal!!!

  11. Spring says:

    Should come to Europe (best France) … with mandatory 20 days of vacation a year (EU directive) most of my co-workers disappear for at least 2 weeks of hiking, sunbathing, swimming in the summer … whatever. Taking your phone and laptop to the beach is something that is done extremely rarely in exceptional circumstances.

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