Contact Florida House Members and vote NO on Do Not Mail Legislation!!!

At the bottom of this email are contact in the Florida House for you to make your opinion on Do Not Mail legislation heard.  The House Vote is on Tuesday!!!

My take:

Without preamble it would be a devastating blow to Florida’s economy, it’s many direct marketing business’s and the USPS if the Do Not Mail bill were passed.  Catalog and other direct mail companies would close, jobs would be lost and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Think about this from the manufacturer on down, less to manufacture, less need for transportation to merchants.  Less packages shipped.  The list goes on.

Couple that with the fact that this bill is highly visible to our entire country and you risk setting a spiraling precedent that will change the landscape of mail order companies nationwide.

Lawmakers in Florida, and national should encourage their constituents to use the services that are already available.  This is not something that needs legislation.  
The following organizations already have mail suppression lists.  As a direct marketer I encourage you to get on it if you do not want to receive direct mail  
As a mailer, please use these organizations suprression files.  You don’t want to mail people who won’t respond to your offer anyway right?

They are: 

Furthermore, the environmental lobby is wrong.  Here are some facts from the Direct Marketing Association that you probably already know, but I wanted to refresh your memory on

Facts About Direct Mail  

Some people come to the DMAchoice mail preference service planning on completely stopping all the direct mail they receive, because they think that doing so will help save paper and the environment. But before you do this, here are some numbers you may find interesting.  


  1. Direct mail is a green way to shop. If Americans replaced two trips to the mall each year with shopping by catalog, we’d reduce our number of miles driven by 3.3 billion—a 3 billion pound reduction in carbon dioxide and a savings of $650 million on gas alone.
  2. Mail represents only 2.4% of America’s municipal waste stream.
  3. The production of household advertising mail consumes only 0.19% of the energy used in the United States.
  4. Mail is made from a renewable resource. The vast majority of paper produced in America today comes from trees grown for that specific purpose. The forest industry ensures that the number of trees each year is increasing, so trees are not a depleting resource. In fact, forest land in the United States has increased by 5.3 million acres in the past three decades.
  5. Direct mail is critical to the economic well-being of communities, businesses and charities throughout the United States. Last year it represented more than $686 billion in sales, supporting jobs at more than 300,000 small businesses across the country.


The following is a list of contacts you can reach out to….
Committee contacts follow. Try the district office first and then the Capitol. 


Trudi Williams Chair 
850 488-2047 – Capitol 
239 433-6775 – District 

Ralph Poppell Vice Chair 
850 488-3006 – Capitol 
321 383-5151 – District 

Mary Brandenburg Minority Ranking Member and bill sponsor 
850 488-0260 – Capitol 
561 540-1157 – District 

Leonard Bembry 
850 488-7870 – Capitol 
850 973-5630 – District 
Debbie Boyd 
850 488-9835 – Capitol 
386 454-5407 – District 
Dwight Bullard 
850 488-5430 – Capitol 
305 234-2208 – District 
Rachel Burgin 
850 488-9910 – Capitol 
813 740-7655 – District 
Steve Crisafulli 
850 488-4669 – Capitol 
321 449-5111 – District 
Faye Culp 
850 488-2770 – Capitol 
813 272-2920 – District 
Brad Drake 
850 488-4726 – Capitol 
850 892-8431 – District 
Greg Evers 
850 488-8188 – Capitol 
850 983-5550 – District 
Rich Glorioso 
850 488-0807 – Capitol 
813 757-9110 – District 
Mia Jones 
850 488-6893 – Capitol 
904 924-1615 – District 
Debbie Mayfield 
850 488-0952 – Capitol 
772 778-5077 – District 
Mark Pafford 
850 488-0175 – Capitol 
561 682-0156 – District 
Jimmy Patronis 
850 488-9696 – Capitol 
850 914-6300 – District 
Ron “Doc” Renuart 
850 488-0001 – Capitol 
904 270-2550 – District 
Ron Schultz 
850 488-0805 – Capitol 
352 860-5160 – District

3 thoughts on “Contact Florida House Members and vote NO on Do Not Mail Legislation!!!

  1. Renee Besel says:

    Do you have a summary of what this bill — and others like it — propose to do? I know the vote did not happen Tuesday, but I also realize it could get resurrected… Thanks.

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