Attention Catalogers: 3 surefire ways to add new names to your catalog mailings (and lower your cost per acquire)

I’m currently in the midst of doing some more research on the social medium and its applications in the catalog/multichannel industry. If your company is using social media and wants to be profiled in a future column, e-mail me at

In the meantime, if you’re looking to grow your housefile, there are a number of ways to generate new catalog requests and orders beyond the traditional list rental model. I’ve successfully used the following three services many times in the recent past.  

These companies are especially helpful to retailers operating in niche markets where there aren’t enough names to mail from rented lists.  

You can use these sites to research lists not openly available on the rental market, and to get your catalog listed to generate catalog requests and orders.

  1. ( offers in-depth descriptions of the catalogs it promotes, along with links to the catalogers’ Web sites, allowing for further research on a particular product, price, etc. This helps you gauge whether a catalog’s list may be a good fit for your business. Getting your catalog listed on this site will help you add new customers within your allowable cost per acquisition.
  2. ShopAtHome ( is a catalog of catalogs that’s been put out for years by the Belcaro Group. It has both prominent and more obscure catalogs listed in its pages. Its Web site serves as a good research tool, too. Getting your company listed is a great way to increase business.
  3. Grey House Publishing ( offers both online and offline research. Its “Directory of Mail Order Catalogs” is one of the largest catalog resources available.

2 thoughts on “Attention Catalogers: 3 surefire ways to add new names to your catalog mailings (and lower your cost per acquire)

  1. Leslie Linevsky says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for recognizing our company,
    We are now celebrating our 13th year in business and I can personally tell you that buidling a database of potential buyers is crucial in the economy. After all, who wants to spend money mailing out catalogs to consumers who have NOT specifically requeted info. Furthermore, with the cost of postage increasing to $0.44 this May, every dollar needs to be justified.

    We apreciate your patronage and look forward to serving anyone in the catalog industry that wants super qualified leads.

    Thanks again,
    Leslie Linevsky – Co-Founder

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