“Bailout” is the new, “free”!


Bailout offer

Bailout offer

This just in: According to 2 independent sources, Forestry and Saturn Research, the word “bailout” has overtaken “free” as the most used marketing term.  


According to Saturn Research, “The term FREE, for many years reigned supreme as the most important response compelling tool a marketer could use.  But no longer!   Now that the word “bailout has entered our national lexicon it has been used to the point of beating out it’s competition on an order of 2:1 this holiday season.”

This author has to agree.  I’ve seen bailout offers for carpet companies and others.  In fact, yesterday I saw a dry cleaners with a bailout offer!

Of course Forestry and Saturn also offered the following… “Happy Holidays from Jim Gilbert and Gilbert Direct!!!”

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