Thanks for coming to my presentation at WordCamp Miami

Update: The slides from my WordCamp Miami Presentation are up here:

Update 2: The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing presentationI promised is available here:

Thanks to all of you who attended my session at WordCamp Miami, I want to offer a hearty thank you for your listening and support.  Speaking in front of an audience is collaborative experience and much like a musician, the speaker feeds off of the audiences energy.  For lack of a better term, you guys felt great!

Post your comments below for a copy of “The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing”.

Jim Gilbert Presenting at WordCamp Miami 2010

Jim Gilbert Presenting at WordCamp Miami 2010

Blog as your marketing center - The Engagement Cycle

Blog as your marketing center - The Engagement Cycle

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12 Responses

  1. Jim,
    Would love the “immutable” ( I can never pronounce that word!!) of social marketing. Thanks, Pat

    • Thanks for presenting at wordcamp miami! Great ideas on how to get customer engagement!

  2. GREAT session! I’d love the rest of the laws. : )

  3. That was great! very inspiring! Gave me a lot of ideas, I’d like to know how you turned this into making money?

  4. Hi! Great, GREAT presentation. I have already started using your ideas. Just joined LinkedIn!

  5. Jim! Really loved your presentation today. You gave a unique marketing perspective, which I’ll be using more at my brand new gig as a social media coordinator at AutoNation. I’m a journalist-turned-marketer so your words could not have been more insightful! You gave the crowd some great laughs too :) Thanks a bunch!

  6. Very much enjoyed your session today. Would love a copy of the laws. It was also refreshing to see someone give props to LinkedIn. As someone with more than 1 million in their network, I haven’t given up on LI!

  7. Thanks alot about your session

  8. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of online marketing with us. You are a rel pro!

  9. Hi Jim,

    Your presentation was great fun and inspiring! So what if you break a few rules, there’s no substitute for creativity, content and personality. Thanks for sharing at wcmia yesterday.

  10. would definitely like a copy, thanks for sharing

  11. OK, for all of you who forgot to leave your email address so I can send out the presentation, please email me at and I will promptly send it.

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