Helping you stay motivated, watch this…

Everybody needs a little inspiration and motivation once in a while….

And people also like to increase their knowledge to stay motivated.  Join our Linkedin Direct Marketing Questions & Answers Group.  Knowledge is power!

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12 Responses

  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi,

      Fantastic motivation.

      How true….LIFE = RISK

      Cheers to you,


  2. worth the wait!

    • Anticipation Mark!


  3. Jim- thanks for posting this inspirational video. I posted about it on my blog.


  4. Jim –

    That was a great message. Thanks for passing it along. It made my day!!!


  5. Thanks for the video. I’ll be sharing this with other peers in my graduate course. It is an awesome reminder of how life is filled filled with rejection that all can overcome.

  6. A truly inspirational video!

  7. It made a world of difference in my day.

    Thank you so much for posting.


  8. A fresh take – and timely reminder – of the old saw: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

  9. How inspiring and educational! This video really makes you think and realize that you can never give up, even after a significant failure or rejection. Very timely!

  10. I’ve used the Business = Risk as a bit of a mantra for my clients, and thinking about I guess business is just a microcosm or concentration of life in general.

    Good positioning of the fact that “failure” is sometimes a neccessary precursor to success.


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