A client vendor negotiations video that’s LOL funny (see if you’re guilty of any of these)

This is a good one.  A hysterical video on client vendor relationships and payments.  I don’t know about you but I may be guilty of some of these tactics.  Thanks to the videographers for calling us out.  

Got a favorite client/vendor horror story? Post it in the comments section.

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18 Responses

  1. After 20 years on the agency side, I can’t tell you how painfully accurate this is… funny, but painful.

  2. I’m glad you liked this one, Jim! As Robert says, it is painfully accurate. :-)

  3. Actually, it’s your “fault” Fatemeh, you tweeted the link and I ran with it. Ah the power of social media!

    Thanks to Fatemeh from Binger (@times2marketing) for posting this originally.


  4. OMG, that’s it, that’s my life!

  5. Thank you for the chuckle :)

  6. OMG is right! So funny. Clearly a case of “sad but true” … So now that you’ve said it out loud, anybody out there have advice on solving this dilemma?

  7. To funny, you hit the nail on the head! This is my life!


  8. My advice to you Terry, is to call William Shatner next time there is a need to negotiate.

  9. Geminiman, I think Shatner is still hurting from missing a cameo in the new Star Trek.

  10. Actually I think he has his own show “RAW NERVE”. So anyone, please forward Shatner’s number (or Denny Crane’s…)

  11. Jim, the producer of that youtube video had my office bugged!! Similar mentality to my 14 year old son who “borrows’ from next week’s allowance. We are into September now!

  12. As someone who has been on both the merchant and the vendor side, I think I laughed twice as hard at this!

  13. I’ve seen all of these and been guilty of one or two (and a victim as well) — very funny (in a horrifying sort of way).

    • I’m still laughing!!! We go through this all the time with closed captions. The spots or TV programs are ready for delivery and all of a sudden the producer or agency realizes it need to be captioned and encoded but they never budgeted for CC! Congrats on one of the best reality videos ever!!! This one we’ll definitely caption in English and Spanish for FREE!

  14. Thanks to everybody who responded. Got a favorite client/vendor horror story? Post it in the comments section


  15. Having been on both sides, i don’t know whether to laugh or cry!! Maybe a little of both :)

  16. Jim, thanks for sharing this. It’s a good laugh because it is so true – as a vendor to the mailing list business, we see this every day. In case anyone wonders why we have a non-negotiable price list, this is why.

  17. That’s a funny video, but hits to close to home since that’s about how some potential customers would like it. There’s no sense of reality at times. :))

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